3D fighting game JADY DETH

Hey friends!

I made a small concept demo for a 3D fighter. It’s styled after earlier, PSX and Saturn era entries.

It’s a simple 1v1 with a CPU opponent. Each punch or kick you land earns you points. You have to get 100 points to win. Make sure to dodge in time to avoid opponent’s attacks!

You can watch the gameplay at youtu.be/JsVYPK5ypQs
or play it on desktop or mobile at georgewaraw.github.io/jady-deth
The source code’s available at github.com/georgewaraw/jady-deth


Press SPACE to sidestep opponent’s attacks.
Press Q to left punch, W to right punch, A to left kick, and S to right kick.
Alternatively, use ERDF, TYGH, or UIJK keys.

Tap CENTER of the screen to sidestep opponent’s attacks.
Tap UPPER LEFT SIDE to left punch, UPPER RIGHT SIDE to right punch, LOWER LEFT SIDE to left kick, and LOWER RIGHT SIDE to right kick.

I see you have put a lot of effort into creating the ugliest possible color theme :smiling_face_with_tear:


Effort? Не по мне :stuck_out_tongue:

My poor eyes…

‘Tis good, play in the dark bro :+1: