3D configurators | We are looking for a motivated Three.js developer to help us build configurators (Belgium)

We are looking for Three.js developers to join our team that builds 3D configurators. The applications are quite broad. A few example projects we have built are a pool configurator, a furniture configurator, and a chalet configurator. You can find a few other examples here: 3dconfig.be (Dutch). There are also other very interesting projects in the pipeline for which we need you.

Most projects also have an AR component which will become even more important the coming years.

We are looking for someone who is motivated, is willing to learn and loves building things.

Our 3D projects are often very much used, and we get a lot of positive feedback from clients so it’s a fulfilling job to do.

The 3D configurator is often a part of a larger ecosystem with a login zone, a connection to production and much more. So you can definitely be technically challenged in this job.

We are looking for someone with the following experience:

  • Three.JS
  • React
  • Experience in Blender, Cinema 4D or 3D Studio Max

We are both looking for junior and senior developers.

We are based in Antwerp, Belgium. It would be great if you live in Belgium, but it’s not necessary.

Contact us on info@3dconfig.be if you are interested

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