2D Shader to 3D Sphere

I can apply a shader to a 3D object but thing is, when I add noise to it and move around the object, the noise still is in 2D and doesnt replicate the faces of an object. How do I make it apply around the object (e.g a sphere).

Any chance to provide an example of what and how you do?

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Thanks for replying.
I literally want to have a noise stretched over a sphere around, as seen in this example (the big sphere plays a role of the sky) three.js examples

But instead of a blueish stuff, a noise.

Now, if I applied a noise, it wouldn’t make a difference if I orbited around, the noise would stay still and if it wasn’t for the floor plane, it wouldn’t even feel orbiting.

Referring to that example still doesn’t explain the goal.
Could you provide jsfiddle/codepen/any other sandbox example of what and how you do?

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Well, I can’t provide a sandbox example, because I couldn’t reach my goal in the first place. :DD
I am looking for something like this background: AR-FAKE SNEAKERS - WebXR Demo by Lusion

Choose to see the product in 3D on the website, the link redirects to the main page.

Then, for some ideas, have a look at this post: Sci-fi Scene that I made - #7 by prisoner849
For example, if I change that pyramid geometry with a usual sphere geometry in the second example, I’ll get such an orb:


Oh wow, many thanks.
One more noob question - Do I have to tweak things from the shader part to achieve this effect? Or it’s something I do on the three’s part in the code? e.g If I happen to have a different noise?

You can pass tweaking values via uniforms from js to shaders.

Yes, I am well aware of uniforms stuff, thing is, some noises I apply doesn’t actually stretch on the surface of 3D objects and they do not change their sides even if I move the object itself.

Sorry, I do not possess any sandbox example and it might be hard to understand what I mean.