Perlin noise on gltf model issue

Hello community , i try so hard to make some noises on gltf model , i try the shader on sphere and looking so pretty , but when i apply it to model every thing became in mess , is there a way to make the same effect on gltf model
plz i try so hard on it
the image on sphere
the image on gltf model

Could you provide more information about how you used noise in shaders? A live code example maybe?

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Also does your gltf model have a good uv set?

Oh hey , i don’t know why i didn’t get notification to your replay , any way thank you
this new sand - CodeSandbox the model is added but i comment the line ,

Yep i try to reunwrap it in blender

Actually, you’ve got the same effect on the model, but it’s not that noticeable, as of the size of the model.

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Is there a way to make ot more noticable ??

You’ve got a bunch of uniforms, play with them :thinking:
For example, increase uDisplacementStrength.

    uDistortionFrequency: { value: 2.0 },
    uDistortionStrength: { value: 1.0 },
    uDisplacementFrequency: { value: 2.0 },
    uDisplacementStrength: { value: 2 },
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Yah i did that , but it mean on the sphere the noise move on the bigger dist than the model , in the model it noise in very very tiny position i want it more free , i hope i can explain

Exactly the same thing happen when i increase the radius of sphere
new sand - CodeSandbox

vec4 getDisplacedPosition(vec3 _position)
When you base your displacement on position, it works (maybe even fine), untill you shift your geometry from local center. Maybe better to base the displacement on position and/or normal?


I try to pass pos and make some lighting edit , but there also a problem i cannot calc compute normal py crossOrigin new sand - CodeSandbox
when i add this line computedNormal = normalize(normal); i comment it in the code it’s a bit working but i want to use computedNormal later i am dead in :sleepy: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


I didn’t get this line. Where do you want to use it later? What for? How?

In line 349
I calc compute normal to use it later in frensel effect
But when i normalize it ,it didn’t work for obj(the light disappear) ,just for sphere , so i tried to set normal instade of compute normal , it work a litle (the light appear) but it not what i want
I am really sorry for my bad english :frowning::frowning:

still trying and trying and got nothing :pleading_face: