Zoom in and out on WebXR mode

Is there any way to get Zooming in and out functionality using the property of PerspectiveCamera.zoom?
After several attempts I got this working code inside the render function and XRSession started:

if (this.camera.zoom !== 1) {
      const arrCameras = this.renderer.xr.getCamera();
      arrCameras.cameras[0].fov = this.fov; // default set to 80
      arrCameras.cameras[1].fov = this.fov; // default set to 80
      arrCameras.cameras[0].aspect = this.aspect; // default set to .88
      arrCameras.cameras[1].aspect = this.aspect; // default set to .88
      arrCameras.cameras[0].zoom = this.camera.zoom; // camera zoom is been modified using controller gamepad
      arrCameras.cameras[1].zoom = this.camera.zoom; // camera zoom is been modified using controller gamepad

this functionality should be used in 360° Equirectangular Panoramas, I 'm not trying to move the camera, I am just trying to get zoom feature for this 360° Equirectangular Panoramas.

the code worked, it does the zoom, but the distance between eyes is wrong.

Projection matrices in WebXR are retrieved from the WebXR device (see WebXR Device API). If you set projection matrix related properties like zoom or fov on app level, they are overwritten by the WebXR values.

TBH, I don’t think it’s intended to manipulate view related data in XR scenarios. You essentially use what the device returns you as data otherwise the XR view won’t work correctly (like in your instance).