Why I can't get fov of PerspectiveCamera when zoom

i use orbit control and i get console log

console.log("Cam : ", this.camera, this.camera.fov, this.camera.getEffectiveFOV())

in object fov is : 0.05789520630266054
but i can’t get it , this.camera.fov, this.camera.getEffectiveFOV() is return 75

how i can get 0.05789520630266054

Can you please demonstrate the issue with a live example? I’m afraid I’m unable to reproduce:


Yes, PerspectiveCamera.getEffectiveFOV() considers the zoom property when computing the field of view value. But even if I set it to the 3 (nearly the same value like in your screenshot), I still get a totally different result:


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thank for your help.
now i outside my computer when i comeback i will make demo for you.

in your example can you use orbitcontrol for zoom ?

Not sure how you mean this. Can you please share some code that explains what you are referring to?