Zombie Robot (THREE.js + Yuka.js First Person Shooter survival zombie)


Here is my project to learn more about Game Dev, Three.js and 3D rendering. The logic is based on the zombie mode of COD. You survive wave of Zombie (here robot :laughing:)

Live demo : https://zombie.alexmassy.com/
Github repo : https://github.com/alexflexcodex/zombieRobot

It’s build with this awesome tools :

  • Threejs of course :grin:
  • Yuka : awesome for Game Logic
    • Entity manager
    • Steering behavior
    • Goal oriented entity
    • Navigation mesh
  • Blender for game asset
    • Geometry node for environment

Also you can check the underlying logic by ticking what you want in the menu

Hope you have fun with it and tell me if you see some bugs

PS : shoot the moon (GTA 3 Ref)




Pretty rad!! Is the low resolution a stylistic choice or for performance?

Hey! thannks for the comment. Really appreciate it.

For the low res… let’s say it was a stylistic choice made by my Laptop (MacBook from 2018) :rofl:.

Full story : in development, I didn’t get enough power to get a solid framerate so I divide by 4 the window resolution. But I try to bump it to the full window resolution and it seems to work ok at 60fps on my Laptop. So I update the live demo.

I start the miss the old low res PS2 style. ahahah. But really love the crispness of the new version. (Crazy I hadn’t try it before)



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