Y_UP and Z_UP bounding box issues

I have a file exported from rhino 3d and converted to gltf and then displayed in threejs. It appears as though Rhino is using Z_UP and three has it’s axis defined as Y_UP. So if my gltf file has a Z_UP axis set in the file, it does render properly in three on the canvas. The top of the model is pointed up. But if I use the Box3 or BoxHelper to show the bounding boxes, they are all rotated 90 degrees. As if they were set to be Y_UP, so it is as if the bounding boxes are ignoring this Y_UP setting of the model. Can I either fix the model somehow or change something in three.js to fix this issue? Rhino doesn’t let me change the up axis. I did edit the gltf file and simply changed the Z_UP to Y_UP and that made three draw the model and the bounding boxes in the same locations, but they were all rotated 90 degrees. Thanks.

This is bad since an exporter is the right place for performing axis conversion. For example the glTF or FBX exporter for Blender provide respective functionality. Making a feature request at the Rhino community might be the best approach.