Worthy of threejs.org cover 3D portfolio

Hello THREEjs friends :slight_smile:

:rocket: Embark on a journey and explore my three.js portfolio! :sparkles:

I had so much fun creating this and I can say, it’s only the beginning!

I have high hopes for it, looking forward to feedback and reaching the cover :slight_smile: !


Thanks for sharing your portfolio. It is sweet. It reminds me of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “Le Petit Prince” and I did expect to see a rose.

As for the feedback, here is my first impression:

  • it is a portfolio, so I expected some samples (or screenshots) of your work, I didn’t find any, except for Lenstore
  • scrollable text may need some indication that it is scrollable (1)
  • there is a shadow behind the fire, but not behind the character and the rocks (2)
  • there is grass through a stone (3)
  • on mobile landscape mode texts overlap (4)

Hey, Pavel!

Thanks for the comment and the feedback, much appreciated!

You’ve got valid points, I’ll be sure to drop few fixes first chance I get :smile:

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