Working on the 3d model for the first time need help

Hello Three js awesome developers. I need one help from you guzs , i am planning to convert my terrain into an 3d model like structure so i want to know how i can do that ?
In this link we have an terrain that contain the building structure as flat i want to convert them into the 3d model is it possible through three js

Team is it possible ?

three.js does not provide ready-to-use solution for this.

One possible approach is to create some sort of height map which encodes the elevation of the terrain or buildings. You could then use this height map as a displacement map.

If you just have a single image, you have to manually create this map in a tool like Photoshop or Gimp.

Thanks @Mugen87, your thoughts are always helpfull ok please let me know if i know the dimention of the building so extrude geometry is the good option to create such structure right? and how i can create the 3d tree. This is something that i am building from scratch with the use of an image.
Or is there any importer available in three that create such 3d model means providing some data like building dimension and get the structure.

see in the attached image i have the 3d structure like a box at the moment i want to raise its conner like a building roof wall.
Or i want to convert it into the pitched rooftop shape
Please let me know only the way means first a confirmation that this is possible and the way to achieve it i will try on my own first.
Also a way to create trees

Thanks building

I want to convert my box into such an structure. I also need the tree as in the image please let me know how to achive it

Regarding your shared images, using a displacement map won’t work. It’s probably better to store 3D informations in a separate file next to your map and then build a custom parsing based on ExtrudeGeometry or predefined models.

Sorry, it seems this is a quite complex use case and I don’t have experience in such map-related stuff.

@Mugen87 thanks , but your attention is helpfull i will look into it

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