Please ask for advice creating 3D building on web applications

Hello all.

I would like to create a 3d and graph it around as per the attached video file. With the ability to select layers and change various status graphs

Thinking that three.js can do it, I would like to advise on what program to use to build 3d buildings (I tried Blender, but when I imported it the effect was distorted).

Or is there an example as a guideline?

Thank you for the advice in front of you.

You definitely want to design the house model in Blender. You then export the asset to glTF and import it into your three.js app via THREE.GLTFLoader. You can find more information about “Loading 3D models” in this guide:


Thanks for your reply.

I tried THREE.GLTFLoader with Blender, but some effects didn’t work when displayed at Three.js.

In Blender.

In Three.js.

ennn, three.js default nonsupport self-luminous effect。。u need to know which materials it support。。good effect need texture and postprocessing。