Work for Polish programmer

Very good knowledge of Javascript / Three.js.

This sounds a bit like discrimination. Would it suffice for the programmer to speak Polish, and or be authorized to work in Poland? Publishing an ad like this in the US could lead to a lawsuit i think.

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Presumably Polish speaking. Anybody from the EU can legally work in Poland. I don’t think it’s discrimination to require that someone can speak a language though.

On the other hand, we are getting a lot of low effort job postings. Perhaps we should add some requirements for the details that a job posting must contain?


I think that makes sense. That is certainly also in the interest of the OP.

I disagree with job posting requirements unless you offer a template or otherwise keep it low effort. The only reason i read this forum is low effort job postings

Imagine all the work you need to do to get help at a freelancer site, you actually need to give out bs info like home address, damn, i shold get paid for even applying for a feeelance job there.