3D Models on Open Street Maps (Belgrade)

Hello all,

Is there any three.js coder stationed in Belgrade, Serbia?
The candidate would work for Finnish company, in great established startup which operates in three countries already. The sector is civil engineering, and the part of modern web app is used for visualizing CAD models of roads etc. on the maps.
Please send questions or apply to :
ognjen.popovic at infrakit.com

Or visit the job post in Serbian language:
Belgrade based frontend 3D JS

Curious about this one :slight_smile:

I found that most of the 3d devs have left the Balkans.

I hope some are still left. Didn’t have chance to work with 3d devs so far, expect our great ex three.js coder.
I’ll send you personal email.

The position has been filled, thank you all who had red and contacted me.