With the orthogonal camera, the internal components of the model are also shown

When I load an FBX type model into the scene and use an orthogonal camera to show its 2D plane, I expect only that plane to be rendered, but it shows the internals as well, I don’t want to show its internals

// Orthogonal camera initializes the fragment
const SCREEN_WIDTH = window.innerWidth;
const SCREEN_HEIGHT = window.innerHeight;
const orthCamera = new THREE.OrthographicCamera(SCREEN_WIDTH / -2, SCREEN_WIDTH / 2, SCREEN_HEIGHT / -2, SCREEN_HEIGHT / 2);  
this.threejs.camera = orthCamera

//  Loading model fragments
const loader = new FBXLoader();
         object => {
        xhr => {          
        err => {

// render
render() {
    this.threejs.renderer.render(this.threejs.scene, this.threejs.camera);

The white one is internal, and I don’t want to show it.
May I ask what I should do or what I did wrong?

Make sure your camera is not inside the model by moving the model on Z axis. You can also change the values of near and far planes for the camera to make sure the model is within the frustum.

As you say. I found the reason using cameraHelper, thank you!