Wire Boxes (canvas' 2d-context)

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DEMO: https://codepen.io/prisoner849/full/poOjNXd

If you ask me “Why did you make it”?, my answer will be “Because why not”.
Recently, I played with drawing on canvas, using its 2d-context (canvas.getContext("2d");.
And one day I had a thought: “If I would like to draw something with perspective view, is three.js suitable for that?”

The result above is what I have so far.
There are neither depth sorting, nor frustum culling. That’s why the boxes have the same color, to hide the flaws :sweat_smile:

Off-topic warning :exclamation:
Works that led to this demo:


The Houdini editor is called Houdini for a reason, some times you gotta use tricks to get some effects, and you Sir, are a master trickster :laughing:

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It’s perfect for blueprints!

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