Will using a buffergeometry in this particular case improve run time performance?

I was reading this excellent discussion on how to increase the performance of THREE.js apps, on Twitter, and saw that Mr. Doob urged people to use buffergeometry instead of geometry whenever possible. What I’m wondering is whether using, for example, SphereBufferGeometry instead of SphereGeometry will improve run time performance if all I’m doing to the sphere is changing its position from frame to frame? If I’ve understood things correctly, when you instantiate a Geometry class, it will be converted to a buffergeometry, so there is a performance benefit when you set everything up for your scene, but I’m super curious if this will yield improvements when your requestAnimationFrame loop is running, as well.

No, that does not happen. Once Geometry is internally converted to BufferGeometry, there is no additional overhead. You should still use BufferGeometry right from the beginning since you allocate much less memory.


Alright, will do :smiley: