What is the faster for been drawn and updated buffergeometry or geometry?

i only care about the speed and time taken for drawing and updating geometries as all of my projects are interactive ones … and i can not recognize which type of geometry is the faster
after experimenting both types i found both types almost have the same time to be drawn in millisecond but i notice that geometry type is faster than buffergeometry in updating is this true ??
another question if anyone can help
how to improve the performance of updating geometries and make it more faster ?

From the docs:

[BufferGeometry is] an efficient representation of mesh, line, or point geometry. Includes vertex positions, face indices, normals, colors, UVs, and custom attributes within buffers, reducing the cost of passing all this data to the GPU.

We recommend using BufferGeometry. It will perform better, but if the difference is not much in your specific case then do whatever you want. If you are getting poor performance then please provide an example so that we can help diagnose the problem.

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I made a very simple comparison example
and an example using my addon

Test the FPS. Geometry has significantly more FPS. You see the smoother movement.

But I can’t explain it to myself. :thinking:

Because three.js develops quickly, not all information in the documentation is always up to date. I think that’s hard to realize.