Why normal texture map is different?

Both images show normal map output I don’t understand why my code is giving this output?
It’s my three js code output-

and other viewer output-

Is it rendering issue or something else I am using this line of code -

child.material = new THREE.MeshStandardMaterial({map:child.material.normalMap});

You adding normalMap to map and thats result right

Then how to display normal map?

new THREE.MeshStandardMaterial({ map: ref_to texture, normalMap: ref to_ normalMapTexture })


I also tried this
child.material=new THREE.MeshStandardMaterial({normalMap:child.material.normalMap})
it displays white color like below -

The normalMap should be combination of magenta and blue colors. Make sure, you are linking to correct texture.

If you are, a demo is needed.

Maybe firsrt screenShot have envMap into material or violetColor


It’s already in GLB and I am accessing that

I tried this it returns me black GLB

Look into glb material of first scene have it env map or color. Or have violet pointlight or violet ambient
Because normalMap dont chant color. it only make color bright or dark to make illusion of depth.
If color of material is white, when will bright white and dark white color.

envMap is null in all child meshes

Into material of first you have map

yes, I have

In first you have got some violet:

  1. scene.environment
  2. ambientLight
  3. pointLight
  4. directionalLight
  5. spotLight
  6. hemisphereLight
  7. lightProbe
  8. materail.map

I need like this texture you have any idea?

Don’t add normalMap into map. Change material.color or pointLight, directionaLight

but in the above picture GLB is not smooth how I change that?

ok suppose I changed the color, but how I will add depth or distortion as in the above image?