Why is there some models that BoxHelper can't completely wrap around?

                    (mesh) => {
                        const sceneModel = mesh.scene || mesh

                        sceneModel.traverse(child => {
                            if (child.isMesh) child.castShadow = true
                            if (child.material) child.material.metalness = 0
                      const boxHelper = new BoxHelper()

Try console logging value of sceneModel - and see what you’re wrapping the box around.

Also, iirc, skeleton animations / armatures can break box helper a bit if the keyframe animation modifies the scale of the model.

Hello, the models here are not animated,by the way,I used the camera-control plugin, which has a fitToBox method that allows different models to automatically center and scale, but how do I adjust this abnormal model?

1.0风格女5.glb (1.4 MB)
This is an abnormal model. Can you take a look at it? Thank you