Is it possible to move boxHelpers?

Is it possible to move a box3Helper to match my character’s bounding box movement ?

I have a character who’s position is changed every click and I’ve been trying for hours to get the box helper to move along with it and the only times I got it working the size was completely off and I went back to trying other methods where the size is right but the movement isn’t. How do I move a box helper since position.set() isn’t an option ?

If you are using the standard boxHelper, it should be as simple as calling .update() on the boxHelper after you update the mesh it’s connected to. See documentation here.

Yes this method does move it but the position is completely off, is it because of world/local position differences ?

It’s difficult to say what’s the problem without seeing your code (and potentially your character model).

The first thing that comes to mind is that your character geometry is somewhat off and it’s causing the issue. Things you could try: centering the geometry or maybe wrapping your character in a group and see if helps?