Why is it gltf occupies a lot of memeory from r115 upgrade to r139

from r115 upgrade to r139, gltf occupies a lot of memeory
many gltf

Can you please track down the exact release when the memory starts growing?

Do you experience the issue with every glTF assets or just with specific ones?

I wonder if this could be related to createImageBitmap? If ImageBitmap isn’t used, we don’t hold uncompressed textures in memory, correct? But also sort of a red herring, because the uncompressed textures are there either way, just in GPU memory that is harder to measure.

Memory is very big in Chrome’s task manager,not js heap
I don’t know how to see it, which occupies larger memory。

My application is map, needs to load a lot of GLTF(200…),Part of the display, the other part is removed by the parent node