Why I can't see colors of 3d loaded(gltf) object in android device?

I wanted to see my loaded object in android device, the object was loaded but colors were not visible instead it was just black and white object.
What to do? Is it a bug? If yes, is it solved? If no is it android device problem?

You probably have not added lights to your scene?

Without seeing your code, it will be hard to provide more feedback.

I’ve added the lights (directional light and ambient light)
In PC the colors are visible but not is the case with android.
script.js (2.7 KB)

If your model uses textures (not just coloured materials) - make sure your textures are loaded properly. Try changing all materials on the model to:

MeshBasicMaterial({ color: 0xff0000 })

and see if they are still black.

Android Studio logcat / devtools Network panel will also usually log errors when a request for a resource (ex. texture image) fails.