Texture renders black on some objects

Hi everybody,
I’m learning Three.js and for exercise I was trying to animate some random models.
I had a working gltf model.
I then modified it in Blender (modified faces, and unwrapped to set texture back).
The model looks ok both in Blender and on gltf viewer.
But when I load it in my code, some modified objects display black, while one of them is ok.

The fact gltf viewer displays correctly suggest an error in my code, but the the problem rose only after I modified with blender.
Here is the gltf file scene.gltf (240.8 KB)
‘Pending_rope_001’ node is ok, other ‘Pending_rope_xyz’ nodes don’t (in picture ‘Pending_rope_001’ next to ‘Pending_rope_002’)

Please share the complete glTF asset and not just the JSON manifest. Also consider to export to glb since all components of the asset are in a single file.

I get an error whenever I try to upload the folder with assets, even if zipped.
I’ve uploaded a sample of the project on github

I’ve downloaded the asset and imported it into the editor. After adding an ambient and directional light, it looks like so:

I can’t see the mentioned black objects. The asset looks good. Please try it with a similar lighting setup.

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Yeah it kinda solves the problem, although I can still see some black signs on the ropes. I added a second directional light on the back of the model to smooth them.
But what I really can’t understand is what has changed.
I updated the github project, adding both the current model (with 2 directional lights) and the original one. The original one did not have any directional light and nonetheless it was ok. After I made the loop cuts it changed. I hope this is visible in the updated project