Which blender method is appropriate for multiple animations of a model?

Attempting to export a single model from blender with multiple animations to three.js that activate on the click of the model.

In setting up my Blender file, I’m not sure the proper way to route my animations.

Do I animate my model with several “actions” which comprise of a pose library? (photo attached)

I want to ensure I have set up my animations correctly within Blender so that I can properly call them to the mixer in three.js.
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 10.54.56 AM

Assuming that you are exporting as glTF/GLB, each Blender Action must be associated with the object it animates somehow. If you just have one character in the Blender scene that is pretty easy. Either (a) stash each action on the object, or (b) create an NLA Track for each action. I posted a short screen capture of creating NLA Tracks in this discussion:

Thank you don! Actions are the way I’ll go. Also, the glTF viewer tool in your response is going to be helpful to test before building.

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