Where's that excellent article on light scattering with interactive examples again?

I remember there was an article with a black background and orange color theme, depicting the concepts of light scattering with code samples and interactive demos.

It was amazing. Anyone happen to remember where that was?

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Was it like a kinda raytracing style thing using lines and you could place reflectors? It rings a bell…

Was it this?

It wasn’t that one (didn’t work on my phone, will try desktop).

The article was in a format similar to @MaximeHeckel’s here:

where it has interactive diagrams explaining concepts, code snippets, and live samples along the way, all interspersed with prose.

But the website I remember in my mind had a black background and the accent color was a huge similar to orange, and similar to how Maxime’s has blue gradients, the one I remember had orange gradients.

this one?

That’s a nice one but it isn’t the one. I took a look at all of Maxime’s posts (very nice!).

But the one I remember was about volumetric lighting or light scattering, and how light bounces off objects, and goes around objects to illumate objects behind other objects (like ambient light remnants after bouncing around).

The article had neat demos of light beinding around a plane (i.e. a “wall”) and illumating things behind that wall, similar to if you turn a light on in your room, and leave your door open, the light escapes the room into the hallways, although the light source is no longer visible directly.

Argh, I’m searching and searching, but I can’t find it.

it’s called ssgi, screen space global illumination. i know only one person that’s close to cracking it runtime https://twitter.com/0beqz or maybe two https://twitter.com/N8Programs/status/1718274265328296409

The article I saw was several years ago with live examples. The format was very similar to Maxime’s articles with text interleaved with interactive samples explaining concepts along the way.

Someone has to remember it! It was about light bending/scattering around walls. A black website with orange accent color.

Was it a stand alone site or on the forum here? I remember the thread gentle-light-probing by @Usnul very similar to what you describe…


The one I have in mind is a separate site. But that one is interesting, although closed source.

How about Dynamic, Noise Free, Screen Space Diffuse Global Illumination


That wasn’t it, but that’s cool! I like how useful of a resource this thread is becoming. :smiley:

The article in mind was close in format to Maxime’s articles: with diagrams, and some diagrams having interaction like a slider to animate the diagram to make the concepts clear to understand.