Where to download CSS3DRenderer JS?


I’m trying to include CSS3DRenderer to a project and all of the example JS links appear to be broken.

For example this code:

Has <script src="//cdn.rawgit.com/mrdoob/three.js/master/examples/js/renderers/CSS3DRenderer.js"></script>

But the script link fails to load. Where can I download the static version of CSS3DRenderer?

Thank You!

Use an older Three.js (e.g. r147 or earlier).

You mean it’s already included as part of an older version of Three JS and there’s no need to include it separately?

The whole folder \js is gone. The latest release, that contains this folder is r147. Newer releases contain '\jsm`. So you have three options:

  • switch to a newer Three.js (which uses modules, so this renderer is in the \jsm folder).
  • switch to an old Three.js (that has \js folder).
  • pick the new renderer (jsm version) and convert it into non-module (js version).

Whatever option you choose, you still have to include CSS3DRenderer.js separately, because it is an addon and it is not part of the main Three.js file.

More info:
The examples/js directory will be removed with r148

Okay thank you for the details. Do you know if this file is also part of r147?


I tried download the r147 zip from here:

But I couldn’t find the addons or js folder that contained these files.


I use UNPKG to download older versions of three.js. See here, maybe it helps?


Thank you! This fixed my issue! :slight_smile:

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