What's with the name MeshStandardMaterial?

This has been bugging me for a while, but I haven’t wanted to pollute any github feed by asking there :grin:

Most of the other Mesh******Materials name’s are related to their reflectance or shading models:

  • MeshLambertMaterial: Lambertian reflectance, Gouraud shading
  • MeshPhongMaterial: Blinn-Phong reflectance, Phong shading
  • MeshPhysicalMaterial: physically based reflectance, Phong shading
  • MeshStandardMaterial: Also physically based reflectance (just without the reflectivity parameter of the MeshPhysicalMaterial), Phong shading

So what is it about MeshStandardMaterial that is so standard?

Seems like the discussion is spread around many PRs…

Here’s probably the most relevant one:

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I see, I see. Everything becomes much clearer.

There is one aspect of the name I disagree with though - it’s not really the “standard” material if we are still recommending people to use Phong as the default (as in this recent PR ).

Yeah, that’s a good point. I guess eventually it’ll become the recommended, but currently it’s still a bit expensive compared to phong…