What is the name of the example that has a light object with an extensive mini-menu for tweaking purposes?

Several months ago I waded through all the ThreeJS examples and found an example that has a ThreeSJ light object, that had a mini-menu (dat.gui.module.js) you could use to play with the parameters. I can’t seem to find that example again and when I try to run one of the light object related examples on the ThreeJS web site using Chrome, I get an error message saying my browser doesn’t support WebGPU.

Can someone give me the JS file name of that example? Also, does anyone know why I’m getting that WebGPU error now when I didn’t before?

There are a ton of examples with lights and the control ui:

And the WebGPU error is because you are trying to open one of the special WebGPU demos which requires you to be using a Developer setup browser with WebGPU enabled (chrome Canary etc)
They won’t run on the majority of browsers

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