What is the best Material in threeJs for clothing



There are alot of materials in Threejs i know if one is going for shiny surface he should use MeshPhongMaterial, but what if i what to produce a cloth material, what can i use ?


There’s an interesting example for velvet:


Ive seen the code, but it doesnt seem like threeJs?


THREE.MeshStandardMaterial() with less metalness and more roughness with a texture(s) for ._XX_map parameters.


MeshStandardMaterial should theoretically be the best material for any surface property, since it’s supposed to be physically based. It’s as best for clothing as it it’s best for gold, or plastic, or cars, or whatever :slight_smile:


If you have a somewhat new computer (last 5 years) and an ok graphics card, use MeshStandardMaterial for all surfaces as pailhead hints about. I personally use it for all surfaces as you get the best results and have lots of adjustment possibilities.

As for cloth you might want a custom shader if the surface has special reflection like velvet, otherwise just use MeshStandardMaterial with metalness = 0, and perhaps roughness = 0.4 or so.