What is going on with NodeMaterials? All the examples are gone

I was trying to use the MaterialXLoader and was running into a few errors. Went to look at the examples and nearly all of them have been scrubbed.

I can see PR’s related to nodes pushed as recent as today but they are all internal to WebGPU related things.

Have nodes gone full WebGPU?

Where’s Sunag’s editor?

Are we not doing node editing in the main library anymore?

Ok they have indeed been stripped.
WebGLRenderer no longer supports nodes.

Heres the Editor: three.js - playground

Actual removal:

I get why they are being removed but they worked with the regular renderer before and not all projects support the webGPU renderer so now they are all cutoff…

I get it, it makes sense but was surprising…

Fwiu, if webGPU is not available on a device, three should automatically internally fallback to webGL, the node system is also having a heavy revamp and what seems like a migration to tsl “three shader language” which is js that can be internally compiled into both glsl and wgsl…

Example here…

More info here…