NodeMaterial gone from Typescript typings?


I came back to an older project, written using three 0.124.0 and typescript.

I was using Nodes pretty successfully back then. Without docs but I liked the concept a lot. I also extended it with with custom GLSL parser using glsl-tokenizer. Worked like charm back then.

Anyways, I upgraded to the most recent version an upgrade and … everything is gone, at least from typescript typings. The .js code is still there.

It’s confusing as nodes seem to be actively developed, according to the github commit log.

Am I missing something?

three’s removed all types, not just nodes. maintained now under @types/three

Aside from the move to @types/three, there’s also been some refactoring in the node codebase. It was temporarily forked from jsm/nodes to jsm/renderers/nodes/, the old code in jsm/nodes was deleted (#23418), and the stable code was moved back to jsm/nodes (#23560). The types have probably changed to reflect that, or may need to be updated for the latest versions.

Thank you!

makes sense. It seems that node related typings were lost from @types/three. Which is rather unfortunate, but… also fixable.

Hi there,
How you guys did you deal with this situation? I’m stucked on a project due to this situation. I can’t get Node related code available in my application (using Typescript). I try to understand what’s happening but I don’t.
If someone fixed it in a way or another, please share it :wink:
Thanks !