Weird bug when trying to edit code in the ThreeJS editor on mobile

When you click on a word 2-3 times while editing a script the word duplicates itself multiple times. I have experienced this on my android device on the threejs editor as well as mrdoob’s htmleditor(, on both chrome and edge.

Screen recorded video:

Both applications use CodeMirror as a text editor implementation. I’m not sure if there is proper support for mobile devices (the project at least says: Support for modern mobile browsers is experimental.).

What is your use case of editing shader code on a smartphone?

I was just trying to add some code to the camera to rotate when I experienced this.

I already have OrbitControls.js saved on my device. Is there a way to upload scripts in the editor? Or is there a way to link to those scripts via cdn from the editor?
Or do I just have to copy and paste the code from those scripts?

This one. Other options are currently not supported.