Webxr AR Image Tracking

Hi three.js fam,
I’m relatively new to Three.js and am trying to learn how to integrate webXR API using image-tracking to start my threejs animation in AR. (I managed to work with the hit-test but for some reason, the image-tracking isn’t working for me. I believe it is because I just don’t fully understand how to integrate it).

I’m following this example: marker-tracking/explainer.md at 928aeb92010990be9bd713f3a660629e2c41b12c · immersive-web/marker-tracking · GitHub and keep getting that “The required feature ‘image-tracking’ is not supported”

Does anyone have resources to share? anything that can help me understand how threejs works with webXR?

thank you!

The page you are referring to is an early DRAFT of a specification. Probably implemented nowhere yet.

We also have an issue in context of the WebXR Image Tracking API at GitHub:

Yes! Thank you! I just replied on Github! It works ----Adding 'image-tracking' feature support for the ARButton module · Issue #22682 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub
thank you so much!