Use Three.js+Augumented reality for all browsers on web (image and surface detection) + react

Hi guys
I tested different ways for run AR on web for image tracking like :

and Webxr
Now I want to find a new one that worked for all browsers and have plane detection and high performance
I use react.js for front - and for 3d parts three.js

Can you help me what is the best way?
Performance and fast detection is important for me

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Welcome to Javascript land where the adoption of new technologies is painfully slow, we’ve been promised a more powerful, more performant WebGPU for years now, native support for XR, raw power with wasm, multi treading with webworkers … They all “kinda” works, the development experience can only be described as torture and always lacking some key features (image tracking in your case), even in the rare cases where the stars are aligned and everything is implemented as it should, you’ll have SAFARI saying “NO, i’ll implement my own version”, cause apple, of course.

Take a look at the immersive-web/marker-tracking, it’s the closest thing to native, “kinda” works with no guaranties for cross browser support (Apple, of course).

Sorry for the sarcasm :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you know that Can we use webxr for all browsers?
what about zappar . Did you test them?I mean three js zappar sdks

Hi there

Did you test MindAR? If yes, whats your opinion on that?

I got it running and image tracking in a react webapp.
But i have not much comparision with native apps.


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