Singel image augmented reality

i’m still newbie with three js. I want to make an application that can detect the floor surface, then put 3D objects that can interact on the floor surface of the image I input. can threejs do that or what methods and libraries can support it?

Hi! There are a lot of different options for this and the solution depends on the platform you want to support. If you google AR + three.js you’ll find a lot of options.

Just from the three.js website examples:

All of these are only available on Android. On iOS you can use the new USDZ exporter and leverage the native AR Quick Look function.

thanks for the response. but what if i want to make it on the website (WebAR). What I mean is, I want to input an image and detect a plane or surface in the image (same as markerless). Just like this video Single Image Augmented Reality - YouTube

Can google AR do it?

Your response will be very helpful

See this thread then, it has a lot of info on detecting surfaces on AR web: Is there anything in JS to detect surfaces, like what ARKit or ARCore do?

In general, I’m not sure what’s available on Chrome for Android (apis are there from what I understand but they used to be behind feature toggles). But on iOS, what you want to do is impossible as Apple hasn’t implemented WebXR apis (yet?).