WebVR - update scene independently for each eye

I try to implement a scene, where an object is updated in different way for each eye (eg. I want to project opposite rotation of box for each eye).

I have demo application written with WebGL using Three.js as described in Google Developers Tutorial.

But there is only one scene, containing one mesh, with single update function. I can’t find way to implement separation of update, so it’s done seperately for each eye (just as rendering is done) and wonder if it’s even possible.

Anybody has any experiences with similar case?


Sorry if that’s a problem. I was looking for most active community and noticed that there aren’t too much activity around Three.js based VRWeb topics on SO.

I’ve just linked the thread at stackoverflow so it’s easier to follow both discussions. It’s always somewhat unfortunate if two people invest their time to provide nearly the same answer to an identical question.