[.WebGL-000060B60036B800] GL_INVALID_OPERATION: Insufficient buffer size

Using the latest three.js he will report this error, the previous version will not report this error, ask the big guys to help
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I had a look at your code but I’m not able to see what’s going wrong. Since krpano and three.js share the same WebGL context, I assume krpano might perform some WebGL state manipulation that makes three.js problems.

I suggest you ask the developers of three.krpanoplugin.js to perform an upgrade so it is compatible to the latest three.js version.

BTW: The problem only seems to occur when the glTF asset is loaded. Commenting it out and only rendering the cube works fine. However, importing and rendering the asset in the three.js editor works without issues.

Thank you for your answer, no one in krpao can solve it. Someone suggested to ask for help in the three.js forum. There is no such error when using the 97 version of three.js. In addition, I found that I have deleted the gltf model, and the box will not work. display

u simple run out of allocated buffer memory, close other processes or browser tabs to allocate memory for the buffer.

I’m afraid this issue has nothing to do with too much allocated resources. It’s a misconfiguration of the WebGL state.

I had a second go and there was an issue in the three.krpanoplugin.js file. Since r124, the renderer provides a dedicated method for resetting the WebGL state to its defaults. It’s WebGLRenderer.resetState(). Using it before and after calling WebGLRenderer.render() fixes the warning. Check out this updated version of your archive (it uses the current r142 dev version of three.js and GLTFLoader but the changes also works with r141).

fixed.zip (1.8 MB)

Keep in mind that sharing a WebGL context across libraries is not uncritical since 3D engines like three.js cache the WebGL state for performance reasons. If a library like krpano performs its own state settings, the actual WebGL state and the cached one in three.js get out of sync. Hence, a reset is required. If this reset is not properly performed, strange issues like the above can appear.

Thank you moderator boss, thank you very much, I went to learn where you changed it, he did not report an error