Web audio API functions with UI controls

Hi all. I have some web audio API stuff if anybody needs it. BiQuad Filters wired in series with a variable number of manipulators, variable start frequency, end frequency. I also have all the compression dynamics, as well as the spatial listener (vector3 location and orientation) and panner node (same vector3 pairs). I think I have every web audio api option available covered except a suitable infinite decay reverb…

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Without any link, you sound like a black market dealer :male_detective:

What’s the catch :face_with_monocle:


? How about a github repository. Also, how is it a dealer of ANY type when it is free for my fellow three.js dudes and dudettes? Go on another board. Don’t need it? Don’t waste my time with bullshit statements.

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Yeah! How about that?

You know what! I may owe you a proper apology, but not until you share something, otherwise, I’ll double down and call it BS.

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