Getting more out of AudioAnalyser, Like BPM and pulse

I’m trying to get more out of the AudioAnalyser. I can’t seem to do much with averageFrequency or frequencyData because the changes are just so subtle, especially for noisy tracks.

Anyone know how to get the BPM of a track and a pulse with each kick/lows or highs, or something of this nature that would be more useful for direct BPM driven visualizations.


Maybe something like this?

also, there are some ready-made implementations like this one:


Amazing, that music-tempo one is exactly what i’m looking for. I’m pretty new to Web Audio API do you know an easy way we can integrate that with threejs audio instead of creating two separate audio contexts?

Hey, I’m not sure myself. I never used three.js audio API, I built my own before that was a thing. All you really need is the context, I’m quite sure that there is a way to get access to that.

Beyond this, an extra context shouldn’t be too big of a deal. who web audio API is pretty performant in my experience.