Water2, why no flow/waves?

I tried ocean shader and works pretty smooth. Then I want transparency to my water, so I try water2. But I don’t see any flow or wave to the water. I tried simple code something like
const waterGeometry = new THREE.PlaneGeometry( 20, 20 );

			water = new Water( waterGeometry, {
				color: 'white',
				scale: 2,
				flowDirection: new THREE.Vector2( 1, 1 ),
				textureWidth: 1024,
				textureHeight: 1024
			} );

			water.position.y = 1;
			water.rotation.x = Math.PI * - 0.5;
			scene.add( water );

What is my problem?

Any chances to provide a live example that demonstrates the issue?

Here Three js Water2 test - Replit

The normal textures for the water could not be loaded correctly. You can see this in the browser console.

Here is a fixed version of your code: three.js dev template - module - JSFiddle - Code Playground