Water2 alpha issue


I’m using Water2 script and I’m having this problem with transparency.

The words and icon are planes with texture and aplha. In some cases, depending on the position of the camera, appears that “bounding box” of the plane. Why is this happening?

Here u can see it running http://hit.larealidadaumentada.com.co/

Does the glitch also appear when no water is in the scene?

In general, consider to not set transparent to true for the labels but simply configure alphaTest. Maybe to a value of 0.5.

No, only when water is in scene… Inspectin the water2 code I found it is due to refractor. But I dont understand exactly why…

Anyway, yes, alphaTest works! the only thing is that give to the planes some sharpen edges. I configure anisotropy but the edges keeps sharpen. That little white “stroke” around it.
Any idea?

Configuring anisotropy won’t help here. Try it with different values of alphaTest.