WARNING: 0:1: 'GL_OES_standard_derivatives' : extension is not supported

I am a bit of a noob and just can’t seem to get past this error and would appreciate any help.
I want to use fwidth in my glsl.

In my shader I have
#extension GL_OES_standard_derivatives : enable

I also have
material.extensions.derivatives = true;
set on my RawShaderMaterial

I checked and renderer.capabilities.isWebGL2 is true

My aim is to understand and recreate msdf shader and this is causing a lot of frustration.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

When using a WebGL 2 rendering context there is no need for both lines of code. Simply because the functionality of GL_OES_standard_derivatives can be used by default.

Thank you Mugen.
I kept getting a error on using fwidth stating that there was no such function or overload.
I assumed it was because the function did not exist but after I did a test where I just used fwidth with a float in it, it did not give me the error.

Now I just need to figure out why my fwidth did not work but that is a question for another thread.