Wait for textures to load .glb

I am wondering if there is a way to wait for blob textures to load after the glb model has loaded
I’ve managed to wait for my models to load using this:

loader.load('/scene2.glb', function(gltf2) {
    model2 = gltf2.scene;
    gltfPlayer = gltf2;
    gltf2.scene.traverse(function(child3) {
        if (child3.isMesh) {


if(loaderGL === 10) {
//Loaded Do Something

Probably not the best way but it works I’m loading more than one model so add loaderGL++ to each scene.traverse(function(child3) anyways this doesn’t wait for blob textures to load though how can I wait for those?

When GLTFLoader calls the onLoad function, any textures in the file have already loaded. And RoughnessMipmapper is synchronous, so there’s nothing to wait for there. I don’t think Blob textures are related to your question, could you share a demo or more complete code to understand what you’re doing?

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