Callback when model textures have loaded and mapped?

Is it possible to know when all the model textures have been loaded and applied within a model loader like fbx or gltf?

My model textures are taking a very long time to load and map it seems…

You can use LoadingManager for this like demonstrated in the following example:

BTW: GLTFLoader and ObjectLoader are exceptions compared to all other loaders. They fire their load event only when all related assets (e.g. textures) have been loaded. For all other loaders, you have to use LoadingManager.

Okay maybe i’m looking for something else then…

When I load a GLTF with many textures it can take a long time (after the model loaded) for the model to have the textures map and the model be visible to the user. Is there a way to get a callback for when the textures have mapped and the model is actually visible to the user?