VR development on Apple silicon M1 pro/max?

Hi guys, I was wondering if it is possible to develop VR applications on new Apple M1 pro/max chips…right now there is no support for external GPU (eGPU) so you are forced to use the internal GPU. What do you think, will it work? Any thought or direct experience?

Yup, on both M1 Pro and Max you should easily be able to develop VR in ~120fps (at least the WebVR - it’s not super demanding for the GPU tbh, even M1 MacBook Air should be fine for 60fps :thinking:)

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VR is just another way of displaying, it’s actually probably less taxing because headset displays are a lot smaller than actual monitors.

Doesn’t VR require more GPU power than standard 3d?

I don’t think that any XR platform supports macOS right now. Consequently, WebXR is also not supported on macOS.

So how are you going to use your hardware for XR rendering?

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VR headsets have per-eye resolution, and, as an example, running VR on Oculus Quest 2 requires rendering two 1832 x 1920 views.

(But @Mugen87 has a good point, which I misunderstood - you can develop VR on M1s easily, but you can’t really connect any headset to MacOS without external GPU and run that VR :see_no_evil:)

I have an Oculus quest 2 but it doesn’t seem possible to connect it to m1-based mac yet, there are no drivers for that. Also it is not possible to use external gpu or using bootcamp anymore on these new chips…can’t see a solution here until Apple release some drivers or a compatible headset :slightly_frowning_face:

It is possible to debug a VR application without an headset?

You can use ngrok to develop / debug on those - Oculus Quest 1 & 2 don’t require any drivers or cable connection.

You just have to go to the built-in browser and go to the tunnel URL (tested - even allows hot reloading, so you get the full development experience :blush: )

Ehi thanks but I am not sure why I should need ngrok here. I can setup a local server on my wifi network and access that using Oculus or any other device, no need for tunneling over the public internet :thinking: