Volumetric MRI segmentation (New Feature)

Hi friends!

Brainchop is front end open source tool to segment MRI 3D images [256x256x256] in browser and visualize them in 3D with three.js.

Source: GitHub - brainchop
Demo: brainchop

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According to the Health Service Research report 39(2), the average delay between onset of mental illness symptoms and treatment is 11 years. This tool is created to help neurologists look into different brain regions for possible abnormalities, and help people to understand their brain main regions to increase public awareness.

If you think it needs still more functionalities or missing options, please leave a comment below on what it misses :point_down:



WOW! The UI is so intuitive and the response time feels like zero-latency kind of snappy. Brain topography is (obviously?) not my specialty, but it’s very easy to see how this can be a very useful tool to someone in the field.

One feature thought: Is there a way to share a specific coordinate with a colleague? For example, a dr. sees what looks like a possible area of concern (tumor, lesion, etc.) and wants a second opinion – is there a way to, for example, send a URL that will open up that view right to the concerning area?

Not nearly as consequential, but I just released a project and would love to hear your thoughts: Retro-futuristic tank game - SYNTH*BLAST

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Thank you Brian for your input, glad you impressed with the tool. Although it is a front-end but adding a feature to make it easy to share coordinates sounds feasible and attractive but it may need other colleague to open same MRI on his/her browser because we designed the tool as front-end only to preserve end user medical images privacy.

I saw also your cool game 2d ago and I left a comment. I got to level 6. The Triangle shape in background like pyramids styles remind me of Egyptian temples where I am originally from. I was wondering if reinforcement learning can be used also for a future edition. That may make it used as an example in AI area side by side with widely used pacman game.

Beautiful work, going to check the ui when in studio tomorrow!

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Thank you Forerunrun, awaiting your feedback.

This is so awesome!

I did find a minor UI issue… what packages did you use to build this?

What algorithms did you use?

Hi Michael
I used Webix for the UI, with some pure JS.
Can you please clarify more about the minor issue. And thank you for your feedback.

I really would like to thank you all for your feedback: sjeffff, anidivr, PaulKElliott, forerunrun, KelliFreshman, Michael_Nicol, AngyDev and Mjurczyk .

Special thanks also to zDawnING, Brian_Risk, emoshaun and chenxiaoleizi for supporting the GitHub repo .