VMRLLoader: Model appears in black color

i am using vrml loader but i am facing issue that my .wrl pic load but object come in black color.!

Have you added lights to your scene?

This is the most common reason why loaded models stay black.

var scene = new THREE.Scene();

scene.background = new THREE.Color(’#ffffff’);
var skyColor = 0xB1E1FF; // light blue
var groundColor = 0xB97A20; // brownish orange
var intensity = 1;
var light = new THREE.HemisphereLight(skyColor, groundColor, intensity);

Can you please share the VRML asset in this topic?

The problem is that the Shape definition in your VRML file has not appearance field and thus defines no material. In such a case, the loader applies a black MeshBasicMaterial as a default material (which is conform to the VRML standard).

To fix this issue, ensure to export your model with a material. Or consider to modify the material after the loading process. Setting the color of the material to 0xffffff will produce:

thanks It works :slight_smile: