Visual simulation of smoke

I would like to make of visual simulation of smoke.Actually I would prefer to have only the maths that could simulate a random plume of smoke that would dilute in atmosphere. If it’s very simplified and if there’s some convolution sometimes but not all at all it’s ok. I already start to make some classical three.js particles but I want to give them the adapted movement. How would you do ? Something approaching this would be ideal :

Ps :I know things like that have been done : Fluid Simulation with Volumetric Lighting but it seem to be too power consuming and to complicated for my case.I admit I didn’t get into the physics used in this also but if it is mandatory to get into poisson’s law or things like that, no problem.

Not quite what you look for, but may give some ideas:



I already try a lot of things with this but it is not ok. This is exactly what I am looking for: Fluid Simulation with Volumetric Lighting . I tried to reproduce it but I have bug. I will create a sandbox of it soon.