The Lonely Candle

Hi community!

This time I would like to show you a scene with simulation of view and behaviour of the flame of a candle.

Here is a picture:

And here is the working example:

I’ve been thinking about that idea for about a year and now I’ve made it come true.
The toughest thing was the modelling of the upper part of the flame and its tip.

Get calm and relaxed with this scene. It has music, and as usual, it starts playing automatically in Firefox. In Chrome, on the other hand, you have to press the top left button to open the player and hit “play”.

PS I don’t like silent scenes :beers:, so I was looking for the music and a colleague of mine advised me to use the track from “Mass Effect 3” - “An end once and for all”. She is a singer with good ear and impressive vocal, I simply accepted her choice :slight_smile:


You could also make an endless Yule Log for Christmas season! :wink:

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To be honest, so far, I can’t imagine how to deform a geometry to get something similar :smiley:
But your post reminded me about this:

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Here’s a really good starting point that someone posted earlier this year:

Instead of making the geometry shaped like flames, he took a subdivided plane, gave it some left-right sway to look like wind, and the flames were created through a noise generator. Pretty clever!

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Wow! This is a really good idea. :+1: Thanks for sharing the link :beers:

Cool project.
I’d suggest checking this shader for the candle flame.


Actually the result of @prisoner849 is perfectly fine for a candle without wild flames. The only thing i’d see is making the flame start transparent blueish and dark red maybe like here:

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I can’t help but feel like this video is somewhat related. Simon describes a really cool technique Bethesda used to utilize 2D gradient maps to create time-based color/transparency effects for looped animated textures. It sounds like this would marry very well to a fire simulation.

Images might actually store more information than you need (4x or more), but it’s certainly an easy way to store the data external to code.


Its amazing! Good Job.

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Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: