View FBX & KMZ files exported from Autodesk Navisworks

Hi there

we are investigating the use of ThreeJS to display 3D models exported from Autodesk Navisworks.
We exported a test model from Navisworks and tried to view it using ThreeJS.
We experimented with 2 export formats, namely FBX and KMZ.
We’ve had success with FBX (after resaving it with Paint 3D).

We have tested with ThreeJS R105 and have these 2 questions. Your advice would be highly appreciated:

1. Opening FBX files

We used FBXLoader. When trying to open the FBX file as exported form Navisworks, it fails to display. The error from the loader is: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined.

The console logs looks like this (I added logging the output of the loader):

THREE.WebGLRenderer 105
THREE.FBXLoader: FBX binary version: 7500
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined

When I however open the FBX file (as exported from Navisworks) with Paint 3D and save a copy of it as an FBX file, it displays correctly in ThreeJS .

console logs:
THREE.WebGLRenderer 105
THREE.FBXLoader: FBX binary version: 7400

Is there any way in which we can display the FBX as exported from Navisworks (without the need to resave with Paint 3D).

2. Opening KMZ files

We used KMZLoader and ColladaLoader.

When trying to open a KMZ file as exported from Navisworks, we get the following error:

“KMZLoader: Couldn’t find .dae file.”

It seems like the KMZLoader only looks at the dae file. The KMZ file exported from Navisworks however does not have a dae file included. All the model details are in the KML file itself.

is there any way in which we can display the KMZ export from Navisworks using only the KML file in the KMZ file?

I attach the three test files:
stair.fbx (as exported from Navisworks - not displaying the model)
stair_saved_with_Paint3D.fbx (exported from Navisworks, then opened and saved with Paint3D - model is displaying)
stair.kmz (as exported from Navisworks - not displaying due to “missing” dae file) (551.0 KB)

Thank you

Unfortunately not with three.js. As you said before, the KMZ file has to contain a Collada file representing the actual model data.

Can you share a file that gives this error? I’ll see if I can find the problem. Unfortunately FBX exporters tend to output slightly different files, and I’ve not tested it with Navisworks output before.

Alternatively you could try using the FBX2glTF to convert to glTF format and see if that works. That is the best format to use with three.js these days.

Thank you Lewy & Michael

Please see the test file attached. It is called stair.fbxstair.fbx (590.6 KB)

Hmm, yeah the FBXLoader doesn’t seem to be able to parse that.
Can you open a new issue on GitHub so that we can track it there? Include the file too.

In the meantime I’ve tried converting the file to glTF using FBX2glTF and that works - there was some warnings about unsupported transforms but it seem to load OK. stair.glb (453.5 KB)

Thank you, appreciate your help. I’ve submitted the issue on Github: